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Paul Adkins
Steve Roffey
Russell Davies


About Us

50's & Neo Rockin is our Buisness

In a cold and dusty abandoned brick shed in the middle of nowhere in the Cornish countryside, next to a main line railway 3 men can occasionally be found banging out some rockin' tunes in a style that's fresh and energetic.

unsuspecting visitors, going about their daily business in the storage containers that surround it, can hardly believe their ears when these cats make their noise.

if it weren't for THE MAN behind the big black door these cats would have been on the road by the start of 2021 if not before. But the man, he say no! 

So they sat around their instruments deciphering their way through the reams of great music to be played... longing for the chance to play for the public.............

Yet as 2020 drew to a close they had managed to fit in but 2 rehearsals, setting the groundwork and cutting their groove ready to take to the stage,.

The lads first gig finally  came in August 2021 in Redruth quickly followed by a support slot along side some of the biggest names on the Neo Rockabilly Scene 

original rhythm hepcats line up

the original line up featuring Stephen Burrows on Double Bass


poster from second gig

poster for our 2nd gig


for the next 6-7 months things went well until the bass player Stephen decided to leave. this left Wolfie & Russello in a bind desperately seeking helps from Dep Musicians to be able to honour their bookings.

finally after weeks of searching they were approached by punk bassist Paul Adkins.

after a few practices Paul came into the fold and really worked hard to get up to speed.


To begin with Paul played his electric bass guitar until he became comfortable enough to bring out the big guns - a beautiful electric blue, double bass with white pinstriping around the edges- then from July 2022 paul was full time on double bass working emphatically to develop his technique and sound(both of which he has done perfectly) 

Since then the band has gone from strength to strength playing pubs and clubs around Cornwall and the rest of the country, as well as a few weekenders such as The ShakedownThe Welsh Rockabilly Fair to their local weekender "Rockin' The Pitch" ran by Bri & Tracey of  "The Clay Country Rockin Club"

rockin the pitch poster
welsh rockabilly fair poster
rockin the pitch 2 poster
shakedown 16 poster

Since the start the boys have changed their look and their style to suit the audience that they wanted, the continue to cover a broad spectrum of rockin tunes but do them all their own way in their unique style.

when they started drapes and creepers were the order of the day, soon the drape jackets made way for the waistcoats and ties

steve suited up
russell davies
the boys at rockin the pitch

nowadays the smart suited look is long gone infavour of a more rockabilly/psychobilly style that truely reflects the lads style and ethos! though the creepers do remain!

Fully suited & Booted in drapes at the begining


lost the drapes but kept the shirts, waistcoats and ties


leopardprint is big in RH fashion as shown with the summer look! (in the winter the shorts are replaced by jeans or trousers)





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